Salts & Seasonings

Sea Salts
For years people thought, “salt is salt”. However, today’s gourmet chefs, both in restaurants and at home, have learned to appreciate and distinguish between the distinctive qualities of the many varieties of sea salts available. Sea salts enhance the flavors of many foods. The Olive Cellar offers a large selection of sea salts.
The Olive Cellar carries the finest, most aromatic peppercorns in the world. Loved by chefs the world over, our peppercorns bring out the flavor of anything you’re cooking or grilling, without masking the intrinsic ingredients.
Balsamic Glazes
We’re delighted to present Acetum BLAZE – “The First Balsamic Glaze”. BLAZE is a thick, shining, and syrupy sauce, or glaze. It respects the traditional quality of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, while having the thickness to decorate and garnish the most refined dishes.

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